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Concept: Second Plan(t)

At MATE International we have launched a new concept: Second Plan(t) – Unique plant decorations made from 100% recycled material. 
These planters are made from all kinds of waste. Like old rice bags, clothes and Sari dresses. Because waste is not all the same, you get a colorful mix. Each item is therefore unique and also fairly produced. Good for people and nature! 

There are currently 4 collections available: Rice and Shine, Colorful Chindi, Plastic Fantastic and The Cotton Club. 
And the nice thing about these collections is that you can combine any planter with a fresh plant from our sustainable growers. They are ideal for gift giving. You can easily add this option via the webshop. 

By dedicating ourselves to reducing the mountain of waste, we want to contribute to making the world a little better. 

Curious about the collections and more information about the concept? 
Visit us at:

Second Plant
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