About us

MATE was established in 1999 and specializes in the development of flower and plant decorations in various materials for exporters, wholesalers, growers, garden centers and Retail, together with its customers. MATE likes to distinguish itself with you, through innovative and surprising decorations for flowers and plants, in keeping with the latest trends.
By talking well with you and listening to your interests, we develop a product or concept that fully meets the wishes and requirements of you and your customer. For this, we use your expertise and knowledge of the market in which you are active. You can rely on our thorough professional knowledge and extensive experience with various materials to ensure that your product actually adds value. We also have all the knowledge and expertise regarding fit and loading. If desired, your product will be made suitable for your own grow pot and the size of your standard transport unit. We follow the latest developments on the production side and the latest trends in your market. Hereby we take into account the efficiency in transport and the processing of the product at your company.
MATE, Creative in added value.